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If you want to make some extra cash in a limited time, then one of the best options you can have is starting your own freelancing career. This would help you in making some quick cash by selling your services to buyers globally. In recent times it has become easy to start your own freelancing career – Thanks to all the Best freelancing websites that are progressing at a good pace as more and more buyers are trusting services that are provided on these websites.

Make money with the best freelancing website

In this article, I will be writing about all the best freelancing websites that provide the best services and opportunities to the sellers to make some extra money. Every Website has its own model which they follow. You need to select the best model that suits your need to build up your freelancing career. These websites can be very helpful if you want to enhance your monthly income by selling your services. I will be discussing each website one by one.


best freelancing website
Fiverr – Best Freelancing Website

Fiverr is one of the Best Freelancing Website with more than 60 Mil users on this platform. This is the most used freelancing website due to the majority of buyers and sellers presence on it.

Fiverr follow the gig model in which the sellers post their gigs on the website and the buyers purchase it according to their requirements. If you are seller on this platform then after creating your account you need to publish your optimized gig that will be searched by the buyers for ordering. Like every website it has some pros and cons such as free registration and high commission fees respectively.

I have created a free YouTube course for the beginners in which you will learn all the basic and advance level techniques to enhance your freelancing career on the best freelancing website. Some of the topics that I have covered are Sign in to your Fiverr account, Creating an eye catching profile, SEO optimize your Fiverr Gig and how to send an effective buyer request to get some quick orders. This online free course will be very helpful for you as these techniques have enabled me to maintain a successful online freelancing career.



Upwork is one of the best freelancing website as it connects the majority of the buyers and sellers to each other. This freelancing website is somewhat different from Fiverr. Let’s discuss some points Upwork.

In Upwork the buyers can post a job that will be seen by the sellers which can bid on it to get awarded. The best offer will be chosen by the buyer following an interview. The freelancers in Upwork can also post their services that they want to sell. These services can be accessed by the buyers to place the order and connect.

To start a career as a seller on Upwork the first step will be to create an account and profile. It means that you need to add all the details about your experience and yourself in the profile. Your profile will be judged by buyers before awarding the orders on Upwork. So it is better that you spend some time in building your profile.

The model of Upwork is designed in such a way that the more your earn the less you have to pay for the commissions to the platform. It starts from 20% for the first 500$ and gradually starts to decrease with more income. I personally feel that after Fiverr, Upwork is the best freelancing website for beginners.



These freelancing websites are very flexible as you have to decide your working timings without anyone telling you what to do. Another best freelancing website is Flexjobs which is recognized due to its flexibility and freelacing oppertunities along with part time and full time jobs. You can offer several services on Flexjobs such as writing and journalism.

Again the model of Flexjobs is different from the rest of the website as there are no jobs posted on the front page of the website. The seller need to subscribe to the website to apply for different jobs and projects. The subscription costs up to 6.95$/Week. Once you have subscribed to Flexjobs then you will be allowed to access job listing, career advice and skill testing services.

In Flexjobs there is a 30 days satisfaction guarantee, which means that if you are not satisfied with the services of this platform then you can gey a full refund. These are the reasons which makes Flexjob the best freelancing website for beginners.



Another best freelancing website is GURU as it connects both the freelancers and companies for effective user experience. The companies around the world can hire professional freelancers on GURU.

The model of this platform is similar to other websites as the companies can post their jobs. These jobs are open to all the freelancers that can provide their quote. The job will be awarded to the freelancer that matches the skill set required for the task. So the important part in GURU to become a successful freelancer is to build a professional profile to attact more buyers.

Like most of the websites, you need to sign in to GURU and create your profile to submit quotes on the jobs that you are interested in. There are several withdrawal methods from GURU including Paypal.


Freelancer is another best freelancing website that connects the freelancers and buyers on a single platform. Thousands of jobs are posted everyday on this website by the companies and buyers. You can find all types of jobs on that will help you start your freelancing business as a beginner.

The first step for will be to sign up and provide all of your details. These details will include your educational backgroud, your skills and experience. You must focus on building an eye catching profile that will attract more buyers for your business.

On you are not only paid for completing your projects on time, but there are many contests that take place. You can get benefit from these contests as well. One important thing about this platform is that you need to get some good reviews to give a boost to your online business. This can be done by providing extra ordinary services to your clients.

Like other websites Freelancer also takes some part of your money as commissions. This will be 10% of your total budget. To withdraw your money from Freelancer the best option would be Paypal but there are several other options as well. The low commisions and ease of withdrawal makes freelancer the best freelancing website.


Dribbble – Best Freelaning Website

Dribbble is a best freelancing website that provide a platform for the creative freelancers to connect with each other and collaborate. This platform can be used to promote brands which is used mostly by the designers.

After signing up on Dribbble the next step will be to create your work portfolio. This portfolio will increase the chances of a freelancer to get hired. To find other jobs on Dribbble you need to have the premium virsion that will enable you to look at the latest job postings. Remember that these jobs will only be visible to the premium users.

The cost range of primium version is 5$ to 15$. Another benefit of getting a premium version is that the freelancer will get a priority placement on the list.

People Per Hour

People Per Hour

This best freelancing website has a unique model. You can guess it from its name, this websites connects the freelancers and companies that can pay per hour for the projects that are posted. This is a flexible model for the companies as their work can be done within hours of posting. There are several freelancing services available at Prople Per Hour such as Writing, Marketing, Jornalism etc.

You need to sign in to the website and create your profile. Once your create your profile, the moderator will have a look at it before approving. As your profile gets approved the next step will be to find relavent jobs in your category.

Like most of the websties, People Per Hour also charges some commission fees from your earning. This will be 20% for your 350$ earning. The good news is that this percentage will keeps on decreasing as the earning amount increases. Paypal can be used to withdraw your income from the website.

Conclusion – Best Freelancing Website

I have written down about the best freelancing website that you can choose to start your freelancing business. If you are beginner and confused about what steps you need to take to build your freelancing career then this article can help you take some important decisions. Every website have its own pros and cons. You need to give some time to the reading part and choose wisely.

I started my freelancing career from Fiverr and would recommend you to do the same. This is because it does not charge any subscription fee. Once you are on this website and spend some time learning about it, you will get to know how easy it is to earn good amount of money from it. Lucky for you as I have a free online course that will enable you to learn completely about Fiverr. This means from sign in to Fiverr, create your profile, rank your gig and send effective buyer requests – I have done it all for you.

I have written in my previous articles that a successful freelancing career is all about patience and persistance. You must have the patience to learn every day and then try every day till you succeed. Subscribe to the website for more similar articles about the best freelancing website.

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