How To Create The Best Fiverr Profile To Earn Money

create the best fiverr profile

Fiverr has become one of the leading marketplaces for both Freelancers and service buyers as more than 60 Million users are now associated with it. To earn good money from Fiverr you must focus on building your profile. In this article, I will guide you stepwise on how you can create the best Fiverr profile in one day. Everything on your profile is visible to the buyers, so it is important to create an eye-catching profile. This will enable you to sell your services and earn good money online.

Create The Best Fiverr Profile To Earn Money

There are several guidelines that you must consider while making your first profile. I dull profile can cause significant damage to your online business or freelancing career. If you have not created an account on Fiverr yet, you can read about how can you sign up on Fiverr. I am planning to create a completely free course for you related to Fiverr and growing as a successful Freelancer.

Step 1 (Add a profile picture to create the best Fiverr profile)

The picture that you add to your Fiverr profile gives you the identity on the Platform. It gives the buyers confidence as they know who they are working with. You can add your own picture as the profile picture or you can create and add a professional logo picture for the service you offer. This is one of the main points that will help you create the best Fiverr profile.

It is always better to add your own picture that will create a sense of transparency rather than using a logo. Trust me, this will increase your chances to get some quick orders.

create the best fiverr profile
Add Profile Picture

You can add the profile picture by clicking on the profile picture icon which is present on the top of your username.

Step 2 (Add Description)

The next step after adding the profile picture is to add a good description about yourself on your Fiverr profile. This is one of the trickiest tasks as many freelancers struggle in writing a good description. If your profile has a poor description then there is a high chance that you won’t get orders easily. This is because many buyers read about the seller in their description. It gives them some insight into the credentials of the seller and how much they can trust the seller for the job.

I will try to make this tricky task easy for you as adding a good description is important if you want to create the best Fiverr profile. To write the profile description you need to introduce yourself in a friendly way. Try to describe yourself, your brief background, your key services, and your experience. You must focus on all of these points equally. If you think you can’t find words to describe yourself, then you can also get some ideas from your competitors. This would increase the trust level between you and the buyers and assist to create the best Fiverr profile.

Add Best profile description
Add Best Description

Step 3 (Add languages you can speak)

Once you have added the description to your profile, you can pat yourself at the back as 70% of your profile is now complete. As you scroll down your Fiverr profile you will see the heading “Languages”. Here you can add all the languages you can speak. This is also an important feature as it can attract buyers that can speak a similar language. It is a significant feature if you sell services such as voice-over, writing, and translating. You can find the Languages section in the below reference image.

It is a fact that you will find buyers from your own country as well. I found my first Buyer from my country Pakistan. Language can play a key role in getting orders at Fiverr.

add languages to Fiverr profile
Add Languages

Step 4 (Add your Skills and connect Socially)

In the next step, you can connect Social media accounts with your new Fiverr account. This will further verify your account for better transparency. You can also promote your account on these platforms to increase your impressions and clicks.

If you scroll further down you will find a skills section where you can add your skills for example Logo Designing, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, etc (You can add each and every type of skill that you possess). This will allow the buyers to understand your skill level that will place higher trust in them. You will have three options to choose your skill level i.e. Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert. Choose it wisely!!

You can also watch the below mentioned tutorial video about how can you create best Fiverr profile in Hindi/Urdu. In this video I will be guiding you step-wise how to create the best Fiverr profile.

Tutorial (How to create the best Fiverr profile) in Urdu/Hindi

You can watch the complete Fiverr Course understand how you can effectively earn money from Fiverr. Once you create your profile the next important step will be to create and rank your gig. Your orders and freelancing career will depend on how you create your gigs. The higher will the Gig SEO, the better.

I will be writing many interesting articles that will help you grow your Freelancing business and make money. You can subscribe to this website and my youtube channel to get the latest ideas on money-making.

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