Earn Everyday From Snack Video Easily By Watching Entertaining Videos

earn everyday from snack video

You can now earn everyday from snack videos by just watching and uploading videos. Just like Tiktok, Snack Video is also a platform that provides entertainment from the short videos that are uploaded by the creators. The content can be of different types such as short funny clips. A new feature introduced by Snack Video is that you can earn money by watching these videos. If you are a creator, you can earn a lot of money by uploading videos.

In this article I will guide you some steps that will enable you to earn everyday from snack video.

Step 1 (Download Snack Video App)

You can download the snack video app from the app store or you can just click on this click: Download Snack video. This link will redirect you to the App store where you can download the Snack Video App. Once you have downloaded the App, you can link it to your google account or any account that you wish to link. Completing this step means you are ready to go. In the next steps, I will guide you about the ways you can earn some cash.

Chick on the coins Icon

Step 2 (Watch Videos and Earn everyday from Snack Video)

The first option that you can see on the screen is to watch videos and earn. This means that watching the videos will help you increase your coins that will be converted into cash at the end of the day. You must note that 50 coins=0.01 Rs. The higher your views, the more you will get the coins and the higher the cash. To start Watching Videos click on the button “Watch Video”.

Step 3 (Input the Invitation Code)

The next step is to input the invitation code to your snack video account. This invitation code is used to link your account with some other account of another user. You can also add my codes by clicking on the button “Go”: 335 131 233 or 293 440 160. Inputting the codes will allow you to earn some money as is mentioned in the picture below.

Input invitation code to earn everyday from snack video

Step 4 (Invite Friends)

You can invite your friends to download snack video app and earn money from this as well. All you need to do is click on the “Invite ” button and share it with your friends. Once they download the app you have to share your code with them so that they can bind it with their accounts. This will allow both the users to earn cash.

How much can you earn per invite? You can earn up to 140 Rs per invite but this money is split into 3 portions. You earn up to 23 Rs just by binding with your friend. Then your friend watches videos for 2 days (15 mins per day) and you earn up to 30 Rs. Finally, you earn the rest of the amount if your friend keeps on watching videos.

Invite you friends
Earning for inviting friends

Step 5 (Share activity with your Friends)

Share the activity with your friends and get up to 1000 coins that will convert into cash every day. This step you have to repeat every day for 1000 coins. This way you can earn everyday from snack video app.

Share activity with friends

Step 6 (Daily Check-Ins to earn everyday from snack video)

The next important point to earn everyday from snack video is to check in daily. This will allow you to increase your coins every day. The number of coins is not fixed on daily check-ins. If you checking in on the first day you might get up to 400 coins.

The above steps allow you to earn money without uploading any content for the viewers. All you have to do is watch videos everyday. Entertain yourself while you make some money. In the next step, I will guide you about earning money from content creation on snack video. The first step to earn everyday from snack video by content creation is to upload your videos.

Check in daily to earn every day

Step 7 (Upload Videos)

If you create some amazing content for the viewers of snack video then you might have a contract to earn a lot from this app. Here are some of the rules to join the snack creator reward.

  • The first rule is that you must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must have more than 5 videos published within public 30 days
  • The published videos must comply with the Snack Video content and community guidelines.
Join creator rewards

These are some of the ways you can earn everyday from snack video. There is a lot of potential in this app and I have also withdrawn my cash when it reached the threshold. It is true that the creators earn way more than the people who just watch videos on Snack videos. However, it is still a great app for people who are not comfortable uploading their own videos. You can also edit videos to upload and earn from Snack video. If you can not edit the videos then you can use Fiverr to hire people that can do the editing task for you.

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