Easy Steps to Cancel Order On Fiverr

Fiverr has become one of the top freelancing platforms where buyers and sellers collaborate and hire for long-term projects. However, sometimes things don’t go as they are planned as the order does not fulfill the requirements. To cancel order on Fiverr, a few steps must be followed that provide sufficient information for the cancellation process to Fiverr.

If you are a beginner in freelancing, then one of the best platforms to start your online business is Fiverr. I have written a series of articles for beginners in which you can learn about creating an account on Fiverr, then once the account is created you will need to create an eye-catching profile and finally sending the buyer requests to the buyers. One of the most important tips to get initial orders is the optimization of your gigs. You will find all these articles by clicking on the links.

Let’s discuss some of the important steps that are required to cancel order on Fiverr.

Step 1 – Open the Order

The first step to cancel order on Fiverr is to go to your Fiverr account and then open the order you wish to cancel. The order will be visible on your Fiverr dashboard which is also shown in the picture below.

cancel order on fiverr
Click on active orders

Step 2 – Click on Resolution center

Once you are on the order that you wish to cancel the next step will be to visit the resolution center. The button of the resolution center will be available to the right side of the order. It is shown in the image below. Once you click on the button, several options will appear that will be discussed in the next step.

Visit the resolution center

Step 3 – Select Issue you are facing to cancel order on Fiverr

There will be several issues mentioned in the options box, such as modifying the order, extending the delivery date, or canceling the order. Extending the delivery date means that a new date will be set for the order completion, this means that you can avoid the order cancelation. If you still want to cancel the order then choose the last option “Ask the buyer to cancel this order”. Once you select this option and both the buyer and seller agree to cancel the order, it will be marked as canceled. This will not affect the seller’s rating at all.

Select issue to cancel order on Fiverr

Step 4 – Reason for cancellation

Once you select the cancellation option, a new dialogue box will open in which you have to mention the reason for the order cancellation. Once you have mentioned the reason for order cancellation, click on continue.

This will submit your dispute that will be agreed or disagreed with by the buyer. Once the buyer agrees to cancel the order, it will be successfully canceled. The buyer or seller will have 48 hours to decide the action required which will be automatically get canceled if not selected.

Step 5 – Order Cancelled

This is how you can cancel order on Fiverr. Several reasons can lead to this situation where you would want to cancel the order for example you are not happy with the quality of service that you got, or maybe the work was incomplete and copied. As the order gets canceled, the money will be returned to your account.

If you are a seller then canceling the order will be better for you as compared to completing the order and receiving low stars that can hurt your rating. Once the rating comes down then it becomes difficult to get a high number of orders. So if things are not good between you and your buyer, it is better than going for order cancellation.

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