Effective Buyer Request In Fiverr To Get Your First Order

Buyer Request In Fiverr

The Buyer request in Fiverr is one of the best ways to get some orders from Fiverr. You can successfully do this by learning some tricks to write a buyer request in Fiverr. In my previous articles I have written about creating an account on Fiverr, creating an eye-catching profile, and finally improving the SEO of your Fiverr gig to land it on the first page of your target keyword.

In this article, we will learn how can you write an effective buyer request in Fiverr that will help you get some quick orders. These orders will help you get some quick reviews on your gig and get your freelancing business going. Well, to understand writing the buyer request the first thing that you would need is patience. You will need to understand the whole requirements of the buyers to write an effective request. This understanding of the requirements is the key part of getting the order from the buyer’s request.

I will explain to you the complete process with the help of images and videos. These images are a part of my tutorial videos on YouTube.

Buyer Request In Fiverr
Section of Buyer request in Fiverr

Reading the Buyer Request in Fiverr carefully

Once you open your Fiverr dashboard, in the top menu bar you can see the option “More”. Click on it and there you will find the Buyer request option if you are working on your desktop. In the mobile app, you can see it in the profile section. Open your buyer requests and you can see a number of requests posted by different buyers with different requirements and tasks. You need to take some time and read all the requirements carefully. This means that you need to understand what the buyer is trying to ask (Related to his/her task).

Buyer Request In Fiverr
Finding the right Buyer Request in Fiverr

If you are able to understand the requirements of the buyer (Each and Every detail must be completely understood to write an effective buyer request in Fiverr). The next step will be to send the request. For your better understanding, I have written a buyer request that will help you to understand the thinking of the buyer. The next step will be writing an effective buyer request to the buyer.

Writing the Effective Buyer Request in Fiverr To the Buyer

Once you have understood the requirements of the buyer, the writing part becomes easy. Here you need to write in a way that will be effective to the buyer. That is not writing about irrelevant stuff and focusing on the main part that is the work required by the buyer. Pre-written templates are not as effective as they seem. In the pre-written templates, most of the freelancers have written all the statements about the past experience and the job expertise but the buyers are least interested in these. The buyer want to know how will you complete his task? What methods will you use to complete his task? What are some ideas that can further improve the task?

Writing the request

Well, to answer all these questions you need to take out some time (5-7 mins) and write a buyer request that the buyer wants to read. Tell them about the task and how you can do it for them. This will keep the buyers interested in reading your buyer request in detail. So, just forget about any pre-written template and write your own unique request for each of the buyer request in Fiverr.

Writing the complete request

One important technique that I often used to increase my revenue was to increase the scope of the order. This was done by including some of the extra work that can be done for the buyer. For example, if the buyer has ordered a logo for his company and you have a standard gig of providing 3 logo ideas. Write to the buyer that you can increase the logo ideas to 5 or even 7, that will give him some options to choose from. This leaves an opportunity to increase the scope of your order because you won’t do 5 ideas for free, or would you? You should write your buyer request in Fiverr wisely.

Select the budget and Deadline for the Task

Once you have completed the writing part of your buyer request in Fiverr. The next step will be to select the budget and deadline. if you notice in the buyer requests from the buyer, it has the budget and time in it. The buyer has already provided you with the budget and his/her deadline. In this article, we are discussing effective buyer requests so this means that there must be flexibility in the seller’s attitude.

Decide your budget and deadline

This is because you need the order, or you have to compete with some of the professionals on the platform. So if the buyer has written that they have a budget of 20$ and they want it in 5 days. You send them an offer of 10$ and 3 days. This will certainly create a positive impact on the buyer and he/she will be more inclined to award the order to you. So remember that at this point you need to create some trust between you and the buyer. It will be beneficial in the future as buyers do come back if your services are up to the mark.

Send 10 buyer requests every day

Fiverr allows you to send 10 buyer requests every day. This means that 10 is your limit and you need to send all the requests for better results. Like I have mentioned at the start that the main thing required to send an effective buyer request in Fiverr is patience, a lot of patience. Sending all the buyer requests for a day means that you are increasing your chances of getting an order.

Tutorial of buyer request in Fiverr


So if you have optimized your gig but still struggling to get orders on Fiverr, the best way to start is sending buyer request In Fiverr. You will be having 10 requests for a day and you have to send all of them till nothing is left. This practice must be consistent and you must have patience while doing it.

Initially, I was struggling to get orders to buy I got a quick 4 to 5 orders from buyer requests that gave a kick start to my freelancing career. Then once your gig starts ranking then there is no need to send more buyer requests as you would get orders directly from the buyers. However, this doesn’t mean that you would not send any more buyer requests. Whenever you feel there is free time, or you have fewer orders to work on then it is the best time to send some buyer requests.

I will be writing similar articles on Fiverr and some other freelancing websites to enable students to earn some good money by selling easy services. Follow our website so that you don’t miss any updates on the latest articles. Don’t forget to mention in the comments below if you have any queries related to your Fiverr accounts. It would be a pleasure to provide you effective solutions.

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