Future Mobile Phone Technology Crazy Advancements

Future mobile phone technology

What will the Future Mobile Phone Technology look like?

Technology has come a long way since. Today’s technology is way too much as compared to the first cellphone I bought back in 2009. Today’s smartphones support large displays, touchscreens, mind-blowing cameras, and many other features like 3D facial recognition. Back then, no one could have forecasted the influence future mobile phone technology would have on our lives.

Future Mobile Phone Technology Crazy Advancements

Here’s a list of some of the features, future mobile phone technology could have:

Mind Control – Future Mobile phone technology

Back then, smartphones were used just to attend the call by using a physical keyboard. Now, we directly interact without smartphones just by our voice with the help of Google Assistant or Samsung Bixby. In the future, maybe you can do all your tasks just by thinking of them in your mind. You can use your mind power to run your future mobile phone technology. You could even edit pictures just with your mind. This way, you could perform any task in a heartbeat. You could even type with your mind which would be 50 times faster than your normal typing speed.

Over-the-air charging:

The battery life of smartphones sucks. Even if you have the best smartphone, still you have to charge your phone after every two days and wait for it till it’s fully charged. Imagine your device is charging over the air. Imagine in the future, the transmitters are much powerful that they charge your phone even at greater distances. These transmitters would be so powerful that you never run out of battery, you always have a 100% battery.

Future Mobile Phone Technology
Future Mobile Phone Technology – Charger

Stretchable Phones:

We already know folding phones for example Samsung Galaxy Fold. Imagine a flexible display. Imagine you can stretch your phone whenever you need a bigger screen just like a rubber band. You would be able to easily place your big displays in your mini pockets. “Our work could soon lead to printed displays that can easily be stretched to larger sizes, as well as wearable electronics and soft robotics applications,” said Chuan Wang, assistant professor at Michigan State University in a release from the school.

Changing Colours:

Choosing your favorite color can often be a struggle. In the future, you may not have to choose anymore. Sometimes, you like to
go with bright colors, sometimes you prefer professional colors. Imagine, you have a cellphone with a completely glassy back (transparent) and it could absorb the light to change colors. You just go into the settings and change the color or maybe you could just think of the color and use your mind power. That could change colors as frequently as you’d like. You could also use some gradient colors, this is incredible.

OLED and E-ink in One:

OLED displays are best for watching videos and playing games but they suck when it comes to reading E-ink displays. Some features like night mode ruin the blue color. Maybe in the future, we could have cellphones with E-ink and OLED in one. Also, E-ink isn’t much power-hungry which would save our battery life.

Future Mobile Phone Technology
Beautiful Displays

Solar Charging – Future Mobile phone technology:

Maybe in the future, you would be able to charge your phone through sunshine. 3 minutes of sunshine could charge your phone for a day or so.

3D Face Mapping:

Artificial intelligence would be able to improve 3D face mapping and also, it would be able to tell you how you would look with any physical change.

Self Healing Screens – Future Mobile phone technology

You probably know one person who has taped his screen because he can’t afford a new screen. Well, self-healing screens are coming to save your money.

“Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master”

~Christian Lous Lange
Future Mobile Phone Technology
Future Technology

Now, the next question is, will there be any smartphones in the future?

Maybe, in future, the smartphones take the shape of something we can not even imagine now. Smartphones would get replaced by some regular finished glass. With these glasses, you would be able to see the 3D holograms of people. Let’s just not stop here. Imagine in the future, a small computer is adjusted in your brain. You would be able to hear the call in your mind and receive it just by your thought. It would be impossible for someone to come to snatch your smartphone because it would be fitted in your brain. The overall idea is to implant tiny electrodes in your brain so you could communicate directly with machines.

“Anything can change, because the smartphone revolution is still in the early stages”

~ Tim Cook
Latest Iphone

Let’s now talk about the near future. In the next 10 years, I believe foldable phones would oversell the normal ones. People would prefer the foldable ones because of their functionality. In the future, companies will launch more 5G smartphones when it would be normal to buy 5G phones. Also, the front-facing cameras would actually be under the display. Our future smartphones would also go wireless (no headphone plug, no charging plug too maybe in the next 10 years).

We already have a different kinds of powerful lenses so maybe in the future, we would stop more and more rear cameras. Samsung is planning a 600 Megapixel camera for the future. This camera would capture more information than the human eye. It is said that this is done through the technique of pixel binning technology. Even today, more complex games are becoming possible on smartphones. A space engineer has also developed a working rotary cellphone, it can rotate at 360◦ . He wanted to create a phone with no distractions.

“Our future world will have to find equilibrium in the technology pendulum swing”

~Stephane Nappo
Future Mobile Phone Technology Crazy Advancements

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