Set Now Some Famous Guinness of World Records

Famous Guinness of World Records You Can Set Easily

You can set the Most Famous Guinness of World Records for anything these days. It can be something great or something really stupid.

Stated below are some of the most famous Guinness of world records You Can Set Easily:

Cycling Backward With a Violin:

Cycling Backward With a Violin

Christian Adam completed 60km in five hours and nine minutes by cycling backward. He was sitting on the handlebars, facing the seat. The seat was used as a music stand. He was a violinist and he played J.S Bach.

Most Snails on the Face:

Fin Kehler, 11 years old, used 43 live snails to cover his entire face.

Maximum Eggs Crushed with the Head:

Ashrita Furman, in one minute of his achieved Guinness of world records, crushed 80 eggs on his head.

Most People Brushing Their Teeth Simultaneously:

Most People Brushing Their Teeth Simultaneously

10,800 students brushed their teeth for about 3 minutes straight.

Largest Collection of sick Bags:

Niek Vermeulen collected 6016 sick bags over 40 years. Furthermore, the bags were from 1142 airlines and 160 countries.

Longest Ear Hair:

Radhakant Baiijpai grew the longest ear hair. Also, the longest hair was 13.2cm.

Largest Smurf Meeting Ever:

2510 students dressed up as Smurfs stood together in a square.

Most Married Person:

Linda Lou Taylor, the woman of Indiana, was married 23 times.

Highest Jump by a Guinea Pig:

Puckel Martin jumped 20 cm.

Largest Collection of Teddy Bears:

Largest Collection of Teddy Bears

Arnóczki Istvánné has collected 20,367 or more bears to hug and won Guinness of World Records.

Most Jellies Eaten With Chopstick:

Most Jellies Eaten With Chopstick

André Ortolf ate 716 grams of jiggly stuff which is more than 7 full boxes of jellies.

Most Spoons Balanced on Face:

Dalibor Jablanovic balanced 31 spoons on his face without any super glue.

Fastest time to put together Mr. Potato Head while blindfolded:

André Ortolf put together Mr. Potato head while blindfolded in 14.90 seconds.

Most Coins Stacked:

Silvio Sabba stacked 69 coins in one minute. After the last coin is stacked, it has to remain still for 10 seconds.

Most Hula Hoops Spun at Once:

Marawa Ibrahim spun 200 hula hoops at the same time. Also, all the hoops have to complete 3 rotations.

Most walnuts crushed by hand in one minute:

Muhammad Rashid crushed 284 walnuts in one minute which means 4 walnuts per second.

Tallest Sandcastle:

Tallest sandcastle was 17.65 meters tall (height equal to three giraffes) and it took one month to complete.

Most ice cream scoops balanced on a cone:

Dimitri Panciera balanced 125 scoops of ice cream on an ordinary cone.

Fastest 100 Metres in Clogs:

André Ortolf raced the fastest 100 meters wearing clogs.

Longest Person Name:

Hubert Blaine Wolfe-schlegel-stein-hausen-berger-dorff Sr name is 747 characters long.

Largest bubblegum bubble blew:

Chad Fell blew a bubble with 50.8cm diameter without the use of his hands to stretch it.

Most Marshmallows Eaten in One Minute:

Anthony Falzon ate 25 marshmallows in 1 minute.

Longest someone has slept:

Peter Powers slept for eight days straight.

Longest Records For Days Without Sleep:

Randy Gardner stayed awake for 11 days straight.

Most Hugs Given In 24 Hours By An Individual:

Jonathan Sexton gave 8709 hugs in 24 hours.

Longest Kiss:

Ekkachai Tiranarat and Laksana Tiranarat had the longest kiss lasted 58 hours, 35 minutes, and 58 seconds.

Longest Tongue:

Nick Stoeberl has10.10 cm of the tongue.

Largest Fingernails:

Lee Redmond had 28 feet and 4 inches long nails in total.

Longest Moustache:

Ram Singh Chauhan has 14 feet long mustache.

Heaviest Weight Lifted By Human Beard:

Antanas lifted 63.80 kg of weight with his beard.

Longest Legs:

Maci Currin has the longest legs. Her left leg is 135.267 cm and her right leg is 134.3 cm. She is 6 ft 10 in tall with her legs weighing 60% of her total weight.

Most Number of Spoons on Human Body:

Dalibor Jablanovic balanced 79 spoons on his body.

Tallest Hat:

Odilon Ozark invented 15 feet and 9 inches tall hat. Later on, He walked 10m with his hat on.

Youngest guinness world record holder

Guinness of World Records
Set Now Some Famous Guinness of World Records

The youngest Guinness world record holder is Ashman Taneja. He started practicing martial arts at the age of 4 and then won with his amazing kicks in Taekwondo at the age of 5. Ashman used to practice kicks 4 days a week for 1 hour and won the Guinness World Record for more than 1200 knee strikes in one hour continuously.


Ashman was only 5 years old and a student of 1 grade. Other than Taekwondo, he was a multi-talented kid who was passionate about rock climbing, swimming, running, singing, drawing, and also good in academics.

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