Is Lavacore a New Trend For Better Americans Lifestyle?


A Lavacore is a person who eats food that is produced locally within a radius of 100 miles. Lavacore a new trend movement is a relatively new term used by the locals to support the farmers that grow and produce food while arguing that the food is fresh and tastes better. This locally grown food is fresh as it is grown in environmentally friendly ways. The food which is sold by the supermarkets is produced with the help of fossil fuels which makes them unhealthy.

In recent times it has become the hottest trend for food that has promoted the local farmers to produce and sell their own grown food. The term “Lavacore” was introduced in 2005 by Jessica Prentice on World Environment Day. The significance of this day is helpful in understanding the Lavacore movement in a better way, as the locally grown food is more environmentally friendly. This is how Lavacore a new trend was formed

This movement is now getting famous day by day as more people are understanding the significance of growing fresh food. The locally grown food has a better taste and is more sustainable than the food sold at the superstores. This movement has encouraged the farmers to grow more food as the demand has increased. Moreover, more and more farmers have joined in to produce their own Lavacore foods. This article will discuss why people prefer the Lavacore system and what opportunities local farmers have in it. This will enhance your knowledge of Lavacore and maybe you will turn into one.

Why do people prefer Lavacore a new trend?

Lavacore a new trend

Let us understand the supply chain of the global corporate food system. The food in such a system is grown far away from the consumers. There is a chain that moves that food from its origin to the supermarkets. This chain includes suppliers, distributors, and retailers which buy and sell the food for their own profits. Now if the food has to move from one place to another in some time. Then the quality of the food is compromised which is often decided by the middle man who buys it.

The Lavacore movement not only has a positive impact on the environment but has improved the social relationship between the consumer and the farmers. The food that is grown in front of the eyes of a consumer will give them confidence and it enables accountability. This kind of accountability was compromised by the distance. Today when the world is trying to become greener and greener by implementing new technologies in the areas of Energy and transportation. By implementing the Lavacore trend in the areas will enable us to impact the environment in a positive way.

The opportunity for local farmers

Farmer Planting is Lavacore a New Trend

Lavacore a new trend, not much of the Americans know about it yet. Still, very little food is grown in the large farms across the country. However, more and more people are understanding the significance of locally produced food, which has caused an increase in sales from farms to consumers. The increase of 61% is recorded from 2008 to 2012. The farmers market has increased to 8000 in 2014 from 3000 in 2006.

This trend has inspired global corporations to introduce their own locally grown foods. This trend has inspired the large corporations and schools that are promoting the “farm to school” programs. This shows that society has a positive attitude towards Lavacore and its benefits. This also means that Lavacore can have revolutionary changes in the lives of Americans. In general, Lavacore culture is present in many countries where supermarket food is considered a luxury, so society is going back in the past for an improved lifestyle.

Lavacore corns

The easiest diet is, you know, to eat vegetables, eat fresh food. Just a really sensible healthy diet like you read about all the time

“Drew Carey”

You can also grow your own food that would make you a Lavacore. If you want to learn about how to plant garlic, read this article: When and How to Plant Garlic At Home Easy Steps. You might require some tools for farming purposes for lavacore a new trend.

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