Know More About Your Belly Fat For a Better Lifestyle

Know More About Your Belly Fat

Belly fat is fat around the abdomen. Obesity leads to almost all lifestyle diseases. It is classified into three categories, Know more about your belly fat:

To check if you have more than normal belly fat, measure it. Do not hold the measuring tape too loose or too tight. For women, 35 inches is the maximum limit. For males, 40 inches is the maximum limit. If this limit exceeds, you need to work on it. This will let you know more about your belly fat

It is not important for you to go to the gym daily for a flat tummy. Most of the girls are afraid to show their bellies because of excessive fat. Here, we will discuss the types of bellies and their causes.

Types of Bellies (Know more about your belly fat):

Types of Bellies (Know more about your belly fat)

Stressed Belly/Adrenal Belly:

Stress releases cortisol levels. Dealing with stress for a long time makes you obese. Most of the fat is in the front navel area. Your tummy becomes hard. Take more magnesium intake and get enough sleep to deal with a stressed belly. If you take your dinner earlier, your body would get enough time to digest it. Also, don’t take caffeine in the evening. This way you will reduce your stress.

In our daily routine, it’s difficult to release stress. You can try meditation or yoga to relax your mind. To read more, click on the links below,

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Hormonal Belly/Muffin Top Belly Fat:

If you feel like two cushions on each side, that’s hormonal change. Also, you will feel a soft lower waist fat. Try to eat more nuts, eggs, and fish. If you start gaining weight excessively, visit a doctor.

Bloated and Distended Belly:

Due to some allergies to specific food or indigestion, your belly bloats. It may appear fat in the morning and extremely bloated in the afternoon. Start an exercise and take a proper diet to get rid of it. Sleep better and don’t stress about it. The major cause is a digestive disorder. A probiotic supplement is best to deal with bloating.

Alcohol Belly:

A round big belly is due to alcohol. Quit alcohol intake and eat more fruits or vegetables.

Mommy Belly:

Some bellies after giving birth to a child are not normal. They may cause indigestion or urine problems in the future. You need to see a doctor for consultation. For the time being, Intake more nuts, fish, olives, and oils. Legs lift exercise is a great way of dealing with mommy’s belly.

Tiered Belly:

If your stomach has two layers, one on the top and the other at the bottom, you have a tiered belly. Quit smoking and engage in physical activities. 20 minutes of walking or jogging will do a miracle.

Causes of Belly Fat:

Read below to know more about your belly fat causes:

Poor Diet:

Causes of Belly Fat

Sweet sugary food or drinks leads to obesity which also weakens metabolism. It also weakens your ability to burn fat. Trans fats are the major cause of obesity and body inflammation. Trans fats are found in many fast foods and baked items. To improve diet, increase protein intake.

Too Much Alcohol:

Too Much Alcohol

Drinking alcohol causes inflammation around the bellies.

Lack Of Exercise:

If you take more calories than burning them, it would be hard for you to burn them later. An inactive lifestyle causes a lot of problems other than obesity.


When you are stressed, Cortisol hormone is released which weakens metabolism. Also, stress provokes you to eat a lott of food for comfort.


Genes can affect metabolism and obesity.

Poor Sleep:

Poor Sleep

Short sleep results in hunger and cravings. Also, not getting enough sleep can give you unhealthy eating behavior and disorders.


Smokers get more visceral fat than nonsmokers. So it will lead to obesity.

It is always better to know more about your belly fat to act accordingly to reduce and change your lifestyle. Remember!! Changing your lifestyle is way better than having pills to control diseases.

Know More About Your Belly Fat For a Better Lifestyle

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