How to sign up and make money from Fiverr effectively?


Fiverr has become the marketplace with more than 60 Million active users. There are millions of freelancers that make money from Fiverr. The best thing about working as a Fiverr freelancer is that you can work remotely anywhere in the world and earn a good amount of money. I have been personally using Fiverr for 1 year now and it has allowed me to earn a good side income. I will be sharing some tips on how to make money from Fiverr.

This is my first article, which is a step-wise guide regarding Fiverr, and in this article, we will learn how to sign in to Fiverr Seller Account. This will be a series of articles on Fiverr that will cover all the important topics like SEO of Fiverr gig, Sending effective buyer requests, and much more. All of these articles will consist of unique images and videos of my personal experience with Fiverr that will help to make you understand better.

You can also watch the below video tutorial in Urdu/Hindi. My channel contains free Fiverr course that will help you to make money from Fiverr.

Make money from Fiverr tutorial in Urdu/Hindi

Step 1

The first step to sign up at Fiverr is to visit This link will take you to the official website of Fiverr. The front page will look like this…

Fiverr Front page
Fiverr Official Website (Make money from Fiverr)

Step 2

The next step is to click on the menu option “Become a seller”. The option is shown in the below image.

Click “Become a seller”

Once you click on “become a seller”, a new window pops up that will ask you to fill up your sign-up details. The window will look like this (See the below image). The options that appear in this window will be discussed in the next step.

Fiverr sign up
Sign Up Details

Step 3

As the above window appears in front of you, now you are all set to create your Fiverr seller account. There are a few options that can be used while creating the account. The first option is to sign in with Facebook, while the second option is to sign in with Google and the third one is to sign in with an Apple account. There is one more option that appears at the end, you can manually add your email address. You can go with an option that suits you best. Once you have entered your details then click on “Continue”.

Step 4

As you click on “Continue”, a new window opens up that asks about more details for your account i.e. Username and Password. Keep a unique username that can be your name and set up a password. Your password must contain uppercase and lowercase words along with numbers. Make sure you keep a strong password as it is sensitive information. Once you have set up your username and password then you can click on the “Join” button.

Join fiverr
Join Fiverr

Step 5 (All set to make money from Fiverr)

As you click on the “Join” Button, Fiverr will send a verification mail to your email address that you mentioned earlier in step 1 (Sign up details). Step 5 is your last step for account creation. All you would need to do is open your email account and find the mail that you have received from Fiverr. Open the mail and click on Activate Your account (See the below image). This will take you back to the main Fiverr website to your New Seller Account.

Fiverr Verification
Fiverr Verification

Congratulations!! At this moment you have a new seller account. The next steps are also crucial for building an effective Fiverr profile. Your Seller profile will contain information about you and your past work experience. This information is sometimes required by the buyer to understand your expertise in the specific area. So in the next articles, I will go through each factor that can help you in creating an eye-catching profile. In other words, you must have a solid base, which usually depends on your profile. My aim will be to enable you to make money from Fiverr.

In the next article, we will learn about creating the best Fiverr Profile. Once you create an eye-catching profile, the next step will be to create a gig with good SEO to rank it. To get the latest updates on our blogs subscribe to our website by submitting your email on the contact us page or go to the home page and submit your email on the pop-up. Following these guidelines will make you a successful freelancer and enable you to get lots of orders from clients all over the world.

Make money from Fiverr


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