6 Easy Steps to Integrate Amazon With Shopify

integrate amazon with shopify

Isn’t it an amazing idea to integrate Amazon with Shopify account in a few minutes? Yes, you can integrate both of your accounts by yourself in just a few minutes. Here are some of the basic steps you have to follow to have both of your accounts in one place.

1. Create an account on Shopify to integrate

The first step to integrate Amazon with Shopify is to sign in to your Shopify account. You will need an email to sign in to your Shopify account. Then you can fill out your store name and desired password and click on “create your account”. The next page on Shopify will ask you a few questions about your business details. You can answer it by mentioning that you already have a business store at Amazon.

Once this is done and all the information is provided then you can get started with your new account and edit it the way you desire. To proceed further you have to choose a paid plan for your account. For doing this Click on Settings –> Account –> Compare Plans –> Choose one plan.

2. Import Products to Integrate Amazon With Shopify

As you have mentioned in the previous section that you already have an Amazon account. On your new account dashboard, you can see that the detail of your products can be directly imported through a CSV file. For this, you must have a CSV file of your products along with their images, so that the Shopify account can import all the relevant information.

3. Payment Provider Settings

You will need to provide all the relevant information to set up your payment provider settings. This is how you will get paid from your sales, once this step is successfully set up. To make it functional you need to click on Settings –> Payment Providers –> Accept Payment Section –> Complete account setup –> Now you will see the page that will ask you about your banking details. Fill out this form and once you have done it, then click on complete. This will set up your Payment Provider Settings.

4. Checkout and Shipping Settings

To operationalize the checkout settings you need to be sure if you want customer accounts. You will also need to decide how will you successfully process customer orders. Then you need to indicate some of your business policies such as privacy policy. To structure your policies in a better manner you can have a look at Amazon to have an idea about the language used to define certain policies.

The next step will be to set up the shipping policies for your account so that whenever the customer enters the address, its shipping charges are automatically calculated. These settings will be enabled from your Amazon account. Once you have enabled these settings, then your amazon account will calculate the freight charges and pass them over to the shipping section of the Checkout. To enable your shipping settings on Shopify, you need to call them and inform them about it. You can also tell them to add la carte as it will cost you around 20$.

5. Set up your Pages, Menu, and Domain

It is a good idea to organize your pages and menu so that when the customer lands on your store, they find everything in an organized manner. To do so you can add some pages to your website such as Policies, About, and Home. To add a new page you can click on Menu –> Online Store –> Pages. Then you can add the new page and customize its content before saving it.

Once the customers land on your site, they would need to find products they want to buy. To make it easy for your customers you need to have menus to navigate them. To update the menu of your account you can click on Menu –> Online Store –> Navigation –> Now you can change the way your menu appears.

You will always require a domain to make your site official. To set up a domain you need to go to your account and click on Add a domain. By doing so you will be asked if you want to purchase a new domain or enter the details of an existing one. Make sure everything on your site is well organized for the customers before launching your website.

6. Finish to integrate amazon with shopify

Once you have everything according to your wishes, you can make your account live by removing the password. This will be done by clicking Menu –> Online store –> Preferences –> Password Protection –> Uncheck Enable Password –> Save. Now your store is live. These are the steps to integrate amazon with Shopify.

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