Strengthen your Immune System To Fight Covid-19 Pandemic

Strengthen your immune system

Our immune system helps us fight against micro-organisms. Our immune system is very important when it comes to protecting ourselves from dangerous viruses. How can you strengthen your immune system to fight any disease, including the Covid-19 Virus? The answer is pretty simple “Our diet”. It is what we provide to our body that decides the strength of our immune system. Taking certain fruits or vitamins or changing the overall lifestyle can improve our immunity. We will be discussing all the different ways you can strengthen your immune system.

Quit Smoking Strengthen the immune system

The cigarette contains nicotine which is an addictive drug and it makes people continue smoking for years. There is not only nicotine that makes cigarettes dangerous but other 5000 toxic chemicals are also present in them. Smoking can harm every organ of your body and weaken the immune system. Vitamin C is present in your blood, a protective antioxidant, and smoking regularly can decrease its level. If you are a smoker and you want to strengthen your immune system, the first step will be to quit smoking.

Quit Smoking

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

White blood cells are like the little good soldiers in our bodies that help us fight viruses and bacterias. The people who eat more vegetables and fruits are likely to have more active white blood cells than the people who prefer non-veg. This is because vegetables and fruits are a good source of vitamins for our body.

Here are some of the vitamins and minerals that are essential for our body to fight against invading viruses.

Vitamin C and E: These are the essential body antioxidants that help in destroying the free radicals to strengthen your immune system. Some sources that include vitamin C are mangos, lemons, oranges, and strawberries. Vitamin E is present in seeds, spinach, and broccoli.

Vitamin D: According to the research Vitamin D reduces the risk of infections such as RTI, tuberculosis, and hepatitis. It is an important mineral that can strengthen your immune system and help your body fight infections. The source for Vitamin D is cereals, milk, and supplements.

Zinc: This mineral can help your body boost white blood cells. It is present in pumpkin seeds, beans, sesame seeds, and lentils.

These are the minerals tha can help you strengthen your immune system. However, it can take some time as fruits and vegetables contain only a specific amount of essential minerals. If you want to boost your immune system in a short period then you can try some supplements such as Metagenics D3 5000, Kirkland D3 2000, and Kirkland Vitamin E 400 IU. If you want to control obesity then you can also try Meticore as it speeds up your metabolism and is highly recommended.

Healthy food
Eat Healthy to strengthen your immune system

Get Enough Sleep to strengthen the immune system

Our body needs a sufficient amount of sleep to get some rest from the daily grind. Studies show that people who do not get enough sleep are more likely to have heart disease and obesity. It can also harm your immune system. If you can’t get enough sleep, try eating healthy diets such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Studies have found that eating healthy fruits and vegetables can lead to more restorative sleep. Sleeping well will not only freshen you up for your daily tasks but also strengthen your immune system.

Exercise on a regular basis

Exercising regularly can strengthen your immune system as it elevates your body temperature that may be protective, strengthen antibodies, and increase blood flows. Several studies support this argument that the people who tend to exercise more are less prone to infection than the people who don’t. As there is a strict lockdown due to Covid-19 in some countries and people can not leave their homes for the gym. So, to counter that you can do some workout at home such as yoga, walking, some dumbbell exercises, and chair exercises.

Exercise Regularly


We know that immunity strength decreases with age. It is scientifically proven that people with an age of more than 60 years are more prone to suffer from the Covid-19 virus. Also, its proven that vaccine doesnโ€™t strongly provide safety to people older than 60 years. If you have someone who is above 60 or even near this age bracket, you need to take good care of them. Give them all the essential foods and supplements that are required to keep their immunity high. It is not easy to wear a mask every time and the Covid-19 virus attacks when we let our guard down. In such times we need our immune system to guard us against the deadly virus.

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