All the Cool Stuff You Need to Know About Hydrogen Cars

Know About Hydrogen Cars

We all know about hydrogen cars, that it doesn’t emit any CO2 during their drive, Does this mean that they are not polluting? Can we say that they are better electric cars? Are they an alternative for the future? Will hydrogen cars ever oversell electric cars? What are the disadvantages of hydrogen cars? Let’s discuss all the points know about hydrogen cars in detail.

Know about Hydrogen cars – How it works?

All the Cool Stuff You Need to Know About Hydrogen Cars

It has a hydrogen tank with high pressured hydrogen gas which will mix with oxygen. This mixture produces electricity to run an electric motor. Fuel cells are the main component. Fuel cells basically turn hydrogen stored gas into electricity by their mixture with oxygen without any toxic emissions. The only by-product is water and heat. This is how a hydrogen car works. In this article, I will also compare the working of hydrogen and electric cars. This can help you understand hydrogen cars in detail.

Comparison Between Electric and Hydrogen cars

Hydrogen Car
Electric Car
  • The supply, infrastructure, and technology of hydrogen cars are years behind as compared to electrical ones. There is an outgrowing number of electric vehicle stations in the US and other countries. Whereas, there are only fewer stations for hydrogen cars.
  • The time to refill the hydrogen tank is a lot lesser than the time to fully charge an electrical vehicle.

“The challenge there has been that it’s not just one state, so you’ve got to get a bunch more people involved and comfortable with the technology”

“It’s a slower process.”

“Consumers love the vehicles”

“The challenge has really been building fueling stations fast enough to keep up with the demand.”


The Actual Problem to Adopt Hydrogen Vehicles

The topmost issue is to get hydrogen no matter how universal element it is. To get hydrogen from the electrolysis of water, we will need tons of energy to run this process which makes it pretty expensive. So, right now mostly hydrogen fuel is obtained by natural gas reforming. This process produces a lot of carbon monoxide which contributes to global warming.

What are the benefits of hydrogen vehicles?

Lithium batteries are coming to an end. It’s so hard to reuse them. So, hydrogen-powered cars get a plus point here. Also, it takes less time to refill hydrogen tanks. Just like your conventional gasoline vehicles or petrol vehicles, It’s easy and fast to refill the hydrogen tank. These benefits are the reasons that you must know about hydrogen cars.

Electric Cars vs Hydrogen Cars – Which one is more durable?

Most of the hydrogen cars are formed by methane reforming today. So, there’s no positive climate change occurring as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are producing in this process. The use of natural gas which could escape during the transportation is not convincing as well. The electrolysis process involves converting electricity into hydrogen and then compressing it into liquid and then again converting hydrogen into electrical energy means a 45% loss in energy. This concludes that electrical cars are preferred here over hydrogen cars.

Is there any safety issue?

Is there any safety issue?

Mostly, Hydrogen cars are used for transporting goods and industrial practices. For passengers, Electrical cars are preferred. For heavy trucks, ships, and trains, hydrogen tanks have been made.
When it comes to hydrogen fuel, many people fear explosions and fire. This is a common misconception. Let me tell you how. When gasoline leaks, it catches fire and an explosion occurs. When hydrogen gas leaks, it simply dissipates in the air. Also, the tanks have thick-wall and are safe. Also, there are sensors fitted in the vehicle to detect any danger so you stop everything right away. This article has helped you to understand and know about hydrogen cars.

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