Visualization Meditation To Be More Successful

Visualization Meditation To Be More Successful

Visualization meditation is done to visualize and focus on something specific like a goal or a person. You hold it in your mind and imagine it becoming reality. Visualization meditation enables you to picture an experience before you have lived it in real life. You imagine achieving your goal. Adding visualization to your regular meditation helps you enhance your meditation. You feel calm and happy seeing your wishes come true.

Techniques to Visualization Meditation :

Color Breathing:

Color Breathing

It helps you deal with stress and mood swings. Imagine something you want in yourself, it can be a positive change or some good emotion. Then, link that thing with a specific relaxing color. Then start your meditation. Get comfortable then close your eyes and breathe slowly and deeply.

At this stage, start visualizing the color and connect it to what it represents. Keep visualizing it with your breaths. Feel as if with each breath, this color is filling you from head to toe. Feel as if this color replaces all the negative emotions or negative traits. After some time, you will start feeling more lightweight and relaxed.

Compassion Meditation:

It helps you develop feelings of love and compassion towards yourself and others. Start with regular meditation. Close your eyes, sit comfortably, and start breathing slowly and deeply.

Visualize the person you want to give your love or compassion to. Visualize it continuously while inhaling and exhaling in a rhythm. You can imagine their difficulties and challenges. You can send them your feelings accordingly e.g love, joy, happiness, sadness, or anything. Picture these feelings as some shining light traveling from your heart to theirs. After some time, you will start feeling love and kindness for everyone. You can apply this to yourself too by imagining shining light filling the spaces in you.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation:

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

This meditation helps you loosening your rigid muscles. Lie on a comfortable firm surface e.g yoga mat. Close your eyes then start breathing slowly and deeply.

Start this meditation by slowly relaxing and tensing your muscles. Take a group of muscles and tense them as you breathe in. Wait for few seconds and relax them while breathing out. Feel the tension leaving your body and visualize the scenario. Tense and then relax the muscle groups from head to toe one by one. Have a break for 10 seconds in between.

Guided Imagery:

The best way to boost your mood is to think of positive images and scenarios. Start with regular meditation then think of some nice place you visited or would love to visit.

With all your senses, add details and make it look real. Try to smell the place, touch the leaves, feel the air, or hear your footsteps. Continue breathing slowly and deeply as you move through that place. Feel the peace, relax your mind while Imagining peace entering your body.

Goals Visualization:

Think of your goal. Think of achieving it while regular meditation. Add many details to the scene, the people clapping for you, their smiles. Visualize your success and feel positive energy entering your body as you breathe in.

Your goal needs to be very specific and measurable. If it’s not measurable, you would be confused about whether to achieve it or not. Your goals should be realistic. They must have a deadline.

Benefits of Visualization Meditation:

Benefits of Visualization Meditation

Improved Performance: As you visualize your goals on daily basis, you will perform better to achieve them.

Increased Focus: Visualizing the details help you work out your mind. It improves your focusing ability.

Decreased Level of Stress and Anxiety: Thinking of some event in detail won’t stress you anymore. You would feel more confident.

Boosted Immunity: Positive changes in your mind will affect your body accordingly as your mind is connected with your body.

Alleviated migraines and chronic pain: After meditating, your brain will form new connections. They help you reduce chronic pains.

Decreased mental disorders: Imagine yourself getting through all hurdles and then living a happy life. It will make you more mentally healthy in real. It will help you reduce depression.

Boosted Confidence: Obviously, seeing yourself achieving a certain goal will fill you with overloaded self-confidence. You will also feel more energized and motivated.

Creativity Enhanced: By visualization meditation, your imagination runs wild. You will feel more creative by thinking of doing better and achieving better. When you visualize a problem, your spin it and see it from all the angles known as “mental rotation”. It helps you solve your problems creatively.

Improved Self-image: Alstyne says. “Ultimately, what we condition our mind to think and believe through visualization meditation can influence the way we take care of ourselves in our fully aware and awake state.”

Provides Emotional Stability: You will think of all the outcomes while meditating. It will help you improve your emotions and reactions with time.

“Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom”

~ James Allen

Visualization Meditation To Be More Successful

You can read more about other types of meditation here – Morning Meditation Guided That Can Make You The Best. You can also read some books for Visualization Meditation like Guided Imagery for Groups, The Healing Waterfall, and Creative Visualization

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