What is Good Parenting? READ YOUR BIG MISTAKES NOW!!

what is Good Parenting?

What is good parenting? Good parenting is giving your children a sense of control and power. It is basically developing the trait of independence in your child so he no longer needs you to make many personal decisions. Good parents adopt such a style examining their child’s age and stage. Good parents let their children grow freely without implementing their own thoughts into his mind. This way child grows to the extent of success. Good parents focus on encouragement over praise, consequences over punishment, and cooperation over obedience. Good parents make their child work for home without getting paid so that they learn to be givers and not takers.

Also, one parenting style doesn’t fit all children. Every child needs a different style according to his personality, age, hobbies, and gender. According to researchers, the best parenting style is the authoritative style in which there is an equilibrium between encouragement and toughness.

Parenting is a hard job but it is also very rewarding. Raising kids is one of the most fulfilling jobs. A good parent doesn’t have to be perfect. No one is perfect but parents are role models for their child. So, parents must set some high standards for themselves. Let’s try to understand what is good parenting.

Top tips for good parenting

Top tips for good parenting

Be a Good Role Model:

You have to walk the walk. You don’t have to tell your child the good deeds, just have to show him. A child observes his parents very closely. Show your child respect, support, love, and hard work and he will copy the same. If you have done some mistake, apologize for it. The child for a copy it and admit what he has done wrong.

Love them the right way:

Love them the right way

The best answer to What is Good Parenting is “Love”. Show your child the endless love you have for them but make sure that love doesn’t spoil them. Make some limitations about what to give and what not to give in the name of love. Small acts of genuine love release the happy hormone called Oxytocin.

Show a positive attitude that can be sweet or firm:

Babies are born with 100 plus brain cells that are in connections. These brain cells make our personality and build our image as a human. These brain cells work together by our experiences. Positive experiences will create a strong connection between you and your child. When it comes to discipline, you have to change your attitude but don’t forget to radiate positivity. Set limits and be consistent with them.

Create a safe place for your child:

Always make sure you are responsive to your child. Always be there for him. Such children will have better mental health outcomes.

Communicate regularly:

Communicate regularly

Communicate with your child, talk to him, build his character for better mental wellbeing and character buildup. Listen carefully. You don’t have to answer all the questions but just need to listen attentively.

Don’t reflect on your childhood:

Many of us as a childhood make a list of things we wish our parents don’t follow up. But as a parent, we do the same things. So, make a list of all the things that had a negative impact on you as a child and try to implement them in a better way.

Pay attention to yourself too:

Many of us just don’t pay attention to ourselves once a child is born. Take out the Me Time, give time to your spouse, Make your family a happy family. This will help your child a lot in grooming. A happy family is more important than a rich family. A great parent has a strong marriage.

Don’t Spank:

Spanking is sometimes the only way out, the best relief for parents. This won’t help your child grow, this would make your child hide things and be scared of the consequences. The best idea for What is Good Parenting is mentioned above, which is love. So it is better to not spank your children.

Remember your goal:

Like most parents, your goal must be that your child is in the best school, doing great and productive, and living a healthy happy life. So, whenever negative energy tries to dominate your mind or you feel hopeless, just always remember your goal and try to stay calm and positive. Teach yourself What is Good Parenting. Having a strong relationship with your child is much important.

Go Neuroscientific:

Yes, you don’t have to overthink whether you are doing great with your child. There are many science-based parenting books that can help you improve a lot. Some of the amazing books are Raising Good Humans, How to Stop Losing Your Sh*t with Your Kids, and The Whole-Brain Child

Conclusion for What is Good Parenting

What is Good Parenting? READ YOUR BIG MISTAKES NOW!!

Always try to guide your child and support him, Pushing or demanding would break his confidence. Let your kids handle themselves all alone for some time this is what is good parenting called. Independence is as important as food. Also, keep a track of your child. Know what he is up to, knows his friends, routine, favorite subject, and his favorite games. This would help you know if your child is safe when he’s away from you.

Catch your child being good, appreciate him, praise him. This will develop self-confidence. Great parents know when to let go. Let go of
your child, let him have some independence. This is sometimes hurting, but it’s very important, and you should know how to say NO, set rules, be consistent. Show your child endless love and stay calm.

Focus on your child’s positive behavior rather than negative and teach your child to focus on other’s needs. Give your child responsibilities around the house to teach them hard work and the importance of duty. Help your child develops social skills and doesn’t do things for themselves that they can do themselves. You are giving your best, Manage your stress effectively, you are doing it all right.

“If you have never been hated by your child, you have never been a parent”.

Bette Davis

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